10 Reasons Why Halloween Horror Nights is One of the Best Orlando Attractions

October 1, 2017

The month of October has some of the spookiest events of the year in Orlando. One of the Orlando attractions you can’t miss is Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights.  The haunted houses are guaranteed to leave you shaking in your boots this October. Come stay with us at the Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista to enjoy all that Orlando has to offer during this dark time! 

Halloween Horror Nights is One of the Best Orlando Attractions 

Here are 10 reasons why Halloween Horror Nights is an Orlando attraction you MUST visit this year:


1- Time constraint: This event only happens once a year! Unlike other Orlando attractions that are open year-round, Halloween Horror Nights only happens during fall to celebrate Halloween. So if you are lucky enough to be in Orlando during October, then you MUST take the opportunity and visit this incredibly scary event.


2- Fan-tastic: If you are a fan of scary movies, you will have a blast walking through places that reminisce your favorite movie. Among others, The Shining and Saw are on the menu for the 2017 edition.


3- Rides: You get to ride all of your favorite rides all the way into the darkest hours! The event is meant to be scary, so try riding The Mummy or Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit near midnight, if you dare.

Halloween Horror Nights is One of the Best Orlando Attractions

4- Haunted Houses: These are the main attractions of this spooky event. You get to visit nine terrifying houses that are set up in parts of the park that are seldom open to the public otherwise. The houses are themed after your favorite scary movies and will leave you screaming for your life as scare-actors jump at you from the most unsuspecting places!


5- Shows: The event offers two amazing shows this year. The ACADEMY OF VILLAINS: AFTERLIFE and BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE. These are shows that are exclusively available at Halloween Horror Nights.


6- Scare Zones: Wandering through the streets of Universal Studios late at night while trying to dodge all kinds of maniacs and disturbing creatures can be way more fun than you imagine. The actors do not break character, so it’s pretty daunting to be chased by a zombie or a crazy guy with a chainsaw that insists to have your neck as a prize.

 Halloween Horror Nights is One of the Best Orlando Attractions

7- Drinks: Universal offers fun drinks in lit up souvenir drink cups that can be refilled through the night. Enjoy your favorite adult beverage, but don’t forget that intoxicated humans make great victims in a dark alley.


8- Friends: Visiting with friends is a sure way to make unforgettably terrifying memories. You will sure need a hand to squeeze tight as you try to escape all of the creepy creatures loose in the park.


9- Pictures: It can be pretty hard to get a character to pose with you, as they are there to try to murder you, eat you alive or saw you into a million pieces. But, you still get to take pretty amazing pictures of your favorite theme park dressed up in blood and spider-webs and crawling with nasty creatures all around.


10- Adventure: After a visit to Halloween Horror Nights, you can actually say that you survived one of the scariest Orlando attractions! Be proud of your courage and ready to come back next year, because we must warn you that this is an addictive experience you won’t want to live only once.



Hurry up and book your stay now at the Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista to visit the Halloween Horror Nights’ 2017 edition. The event only runs until Nov. 4, so book now to ensure you won’t miss out on this chilling event!