Hotel Surroundings and Transportation Tips- Hawthorn Lake Buena Vista

June 26, 205

We are writing this blog post to share some tips on what is around our hotel, Hawthorn Lake Buena Vista, show you how easily you can get to places if you haven’t rented a car and answer a few of the questions we get regarding transportation.  Our hotel is located in Lake Buena Vista and you can always use Google Maps to see our location and its surroundings on a map. This post will cover places that are withing walking distance, transportation options to the theme parks and other transportation options.

Walking distance: As a disclaimer, when people ask if things are within walking distance, we never know exactly what they mean, because “walking distance” can be very relative. We usually assume that less than a mile is walking distance, but I personally know many people that would consider one mile a ridiculously long walk and people that would happily walk 3 miles. Using our hotel as a starting point, there are MANY restaurants located at a 0.3 miles range, so if you are fine walking this distance you should be all set!

Collage - Hotel Surroundings and Transportation Tips- Hawthorn Lake Buena VistaNearby places: There’s a plaza called Vista Centre that, as mentioned above, is 0.3 miles from our hotel.

Vista Centre Restaurants:

Kobe, Japanese Steakhouse

Run & Run Chinese Restaurant

Black Fire, Brazilian Steakhouse

Domino’s Pizza


Sea Dog, Brew Pub

Kitty O’ Sheas, Irish Pub

Indian Palace Restaurant

Havana’s Cuban Cuisine

Cici’s Pizza
Other Ehawthorn Lake Buena Vista Resort surroundingsstablishments at Vista Centre:

Local supermarket

World Mail Center

Disney Gifts Store

Hair Salon

NY Fine Foods Kosher Deli

Stroller Rental

Walk-in Clinic

Crossfit Gym





At 0.5 to 0.6 miles from the hotel there are:

  • Pizza Hut
  • Olive Garden
  • Denny’s
  • Black Angus Steak House
  • Burger King


Theme Park Shuttle: We are very close to Disney and we are pleased to provide scheduled shuttle service to Walt Disney World Resort. We advise that you schedule your seat in the bus 24 hours in advance! What many people have questions on is why we drop our guests off at Epcot only. That is because the standard location for most shuttles to drop guests off is the Epcot Transportation Center. So unless you are staying in a Walt Disney World Resort, you will most likely have to get a transfer by bus or monorail to the other parks. It’s important to clarify that once you get to Epcot, there are no fees to get to any other Disney park as all transportation is provided by Disney. For a nominal fee, our hotel offers transportation to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventures.

Hotel Surroundings and Transportation Tips- Hawthorn Lake Buena VistaOther Transportation:
There are a couple of Lynx buses that stop by the hotel, which are lines 50 and 300, and we can always help you arrange a taxi if you would like to set one up in advance.

If you are not renting a car, we would like to suggest a couple of blogs from our sister’s properties that talk about transportation in Orlando in general. Check them out here and here!

Also, if you still have any doubts regarding our hotel and ways to get around, please don’t hesitate to contact us through email or by sending us a message on Facebook! We are always here to help ensure you have the best and most comfortable experience during your vacation!