8 Must Have Airplane Essentials

May 29, 2015

Ariplane Essentials

If you’re traveling for a long time in an airplane, you are going to need some basic items. We would define “long time” as more than 4 hours, but, in all honesty, you can benefit from these items for trips of any length. If you are coming to Disney from abroad to stay with us at Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista, you will REALLY these, as your trip will be quite long. But don’t worry, Orlando is totally worth the travel! For all items below, make sure to take a travel size one that is smaller than 3.4 ounces, or 100ml, to ensure you’ll clear through security. All items must be in a zip-lock type bag, as well!

  1. Lip Balm: The air inside a pressured cabin is usually very cold and dry, so the lip balm will help soothe your lips. Resist the urge to run your tongue through your lips, because that will only dry them out even more. These EOS balms are fun, cute and functional. You can get them medicated or not, so pay attention to the labels.
  2. Saline Nasal Spray: Same air conditioner problem. Different body part. This is an item that is most often overlooked by passengers and one that we consider extremely necessary, especially if you have rhinitis or allergies. The spray will help keep the inside of your nose moisturized to avoid bleeding or cracking that can leave you more vulnerable to air-transmissible diseases.
  3. Hand Lotion: Air conditioner strikes again and make your soft hands as dry as the air plane food they serve nowadays. Keep them moisturized! This Burt’s Bees Hand Cream has a velvety texture and is the perfect travel size.
  4. Tissues: Just in case you need the change in pressure or the cold air causes your nose to run a bit. How adorable is this polka-dotted package?
  5. Gum: Probably the first rule of an airplane! Always chew gum as the plane is ascending or descending to help relief pressure discomfort in your ears.
  6. Pillow: Take a small pillow that either wraps around your neck, or that will support your neck through the flight. You know how comfortable the coach seats are, so make it easier on yourself to avoid a strained neck.
  7. Ear Buds: Airlines usually provide ear buds during international flights, but they’re usually not very comfortable nor have great sound quality. Use them to block off noise, listen to some tunes from your smartphone or listen to the in-flight movie.
  8. Reading material: Give your eyes a break from watching movies on the tiny screen behind your front seat and take on some reading. A magazine, book or even the Duty Free booklet will do.