Wishes makes way for new Fireworks show at Magic Kingdom

April 7, 2017 

If you’ve stayed with us at the Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista to visit the Walt Disney World Resort in the past few years, chances are you’ve been mesmerized by Wishes before! Wishes is one of the most beloved fireworks display at Disney and guests have had the pleasure to end their nights at the Magic Kingdom with a viewing of Wishes for the past 13 years.

Castle Wishes - Fireworks show at Magic Kingdom 

After thousands of magical shows, we are sad to announce that Disney has recently set an ending date for this spectacle of lights! The beloved display had its debut in 2003 and it’s now set to end on May 11, 2017. Repeat guests will sure miss Wishes, because it has been one of the most reliable shows at the Magic Kingdom. Guests could always count on watching Wishes any time of the year, unless there was a special seasonal event going on like during Christmas or Halloween for example. We are certain that most regular guests have found themselves humming to the familiar tunes of wishes before:


“When you wish, upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires will come…to…you.”


The show is so inspiring and grand that it often brings kids and plenty of grown adults to tears. Happy tears, of course!

If you want to enjoy Wishes one more time before its final performance, we suggest booking your stay with us at the Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista soon! You should also buy your park ticket in advance and make sure to arrive early at the park to get a good viewing spot!

Wishes Cinderella - Fireworks show at Magic Kingdom 

Disney has already announced the new fireworks show called Happily Ever After nighttime spectacular, which will debut May 12. So, if you plan a trip for that week, you will be able to enjoy both shows if you buy a package of park-hopping tickets! The new show will have newer characters like Moana, Brave, Big Hero 6, Zootopia and The Princess & The Frog. We look forward to seeing this new show and hosting you at the Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista.