Best Bag Type for Theme Parks

June 11, 2015

Purses - Best Bag Type for Theme Parks

You are going to a theme park here in Orlando and decided to take a bag to carry your items with you. But what kinds of bag should you take? It will all depend on how many people are in your party and what your priorities are. For example, if you have small kids and need to take diapers, bottles, spare clothes it’s obvious you’ll need a bigger bag. If you just need to carry the basics such as wallet, phone, keys, lip balm and granola bars you will do fine with a smaller bag. If you are still trying to decide whether to take a bag at all, check out this blog post for helpful pros and cons depending on the theme park you’re visiting. But if you know for sure you will need a bag, this blog post is for you.


We recommend:
Backpack: this option leaves you completely hands-free and distributes the weight equally on your back, which is especially better when you have too many items to carry. It fits a lot of things and it usually has more than one compartment to keep things organized. The space allows you to fit spare clothes for kids, jackets, ponchos, snacks, bottles of water and more.
Fanny pack: I know some people may be thinking, “So old school. How is this even an option?” but these have actually started to regain popularity once they were rebranded as the belt purse or waist purse. Forget the old nylon, neon, saggy-looking fanny pack. There are plenty of options that look boho chic and are made of cloth, jeans and leather. They’re a great option if you want to wear your skinny jeans and just need a bit of extra space for the basic phone/money/lipstick combination.
Cross-body: have you sensed a pattern? Hands-free bags are definitely the way to go. You don’t want to occupy your hands, because you will need them to take pictures, hold a drink, hold hands or just BE free.



Not Ideal:

Purses that require you to be holding them with one hand, put weight in a single arm or will be constantly falling off your shoulders are not the best kind for a theme park. They may look fashionable and great in pics, but they’ll get awkward to carry and you will end up regretting that fashion choice as fast as you regretted that impulse buy that chocolate bar at the gas station. So leave the over-sized totes, clutches and shoulder bags for another occasion.