Best Ice Cream in Orlando

January 6, 2016

Who said you can only enjoy ice cream in the summer? The winter in Orlando varies from being very mild to medium and, rarely, severe. But no matter what the weather channel says, we always seem to spot people enjoying this cold treat all year long here in Orlando. So, we would like to point out a few of our favorite places in town if you are an ice cream fan!

Best ice cream in Orlando

Florean Fortescue’s Ice-Cream Parlour: If you are visiting Orlando, you will most likely go to the theme parks. And if you do go to Universal studios, make sure to check out this ice cream shop that is locate inside of Diagon Alley right by the Gringotts ride. They serve Butterbeer ice cream, which is a soft serve that tastes a lot like vanilla with hints of marshmallow and cream soda. But the real winners here are the scoop ice creams that offer amazingly unique flavors. Chocolate Chili and Earl Grey and Lavender are some of our favorites. The first is a strong chocolate flavor that has a REAL kick as an after-flavor. It’s actually spicy, but in a wonderful way. And the latter is just incredibly refreshing. Especially if you are a tea lover.

Ghirardelli® Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop: If you don’t want to pay for park admission, don’t worry. We still have plenty of options for you. Head down to Disney Springs and enjoy a Sunday. Honestly, there are so many delicious options that you won’t regret anything no matter what you order!

Scoops Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Store: You might have to drive a bit to get here but we promise is worth every minute of your time. This ice cream store is located in Winder Garden and looks just like a store straight out of the 1920s. The prices are unbelievably cheap, the portions are ginormous and the flavors are unique and delicious. The banana pudding is a must try!

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice: This is an ice cream shop that is absolutely loved by locals in Orlando as the company started right here in Winter Park, Fla.You can get soft serve, Italian Ice, or our favorite, a Gelati that is a swirl of Italian Ice and soft serve ice cream. The flavors are endless and they are happy to give you samples before you order. They will even give your puppy a doggy Italian ice for free when you purchase any item! Scoop Froggy Frog and P-Nutty are some of our favorite flavors! They offer sugar free options, as well.