Disney Transportation Center Explained

February 26, 2016

Magic Kingdom - MonobailMagic Kingdom - Ferryboat

Going to Disney World is a must during a trip to Orlando. But do you know how to take advantage of the complimentary transportation Disney offers to its guests? If you are staying with us at the Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista, we offer free shuttles to Disney Transportation Center. That means that you will get dropped off at Magic Kingdom and from there you will be able to go to all other parks for free using Disney shuttles.

Parking at Disney now costs $20 and a taxi from our hotel would run from $30 (up to 4 passengers)-$60 (up to 14 passengers). Driving to the park means you will have control of your own time and generally have a quicker trip. However, if you would like to just sit back and relax while riding and enjoying the view or even taking a quick nap on the way back from the park, then riding the shuttles is a great option.

Once our hotel shuttle drops you off at Magic Kingdom, you can choose which transportation you will like to take to get to the other parks. Disney offers air-conditioned buses that will take you to all Disney Theme Parks, Disney Water Parks, Resort hotels and the Disney Springs Area. Some bus routes may require transfer from one bus to another.


They also have their world-famous Monorail or a ferryboat ride to get to some of the parks. Here’s a break down of where each of these will take you:




They connect Magic Kingdom theme park to the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Magic Kingdom - Ferryboat




  • Magic Kingdom theme park
  • Transportation and Ticket Center

Additionally, there are express round-trip services to Epcot theme park and Magic Kingdom theme park that originate from the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Magic Kingdom


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