Disney Back to School Items

August 20, 2015

School is back, so we would like to give you a few ideas of how to to keep your Disney spirit alive until is time for your next Orlando vacation with us here at Hawthorn Suites! Here are some of our favorite Disney items:

Plush Pencil Case
: These are so soft and incredibly cute! They have many characters other characters available too!


Stationary Kit:
 Buzz Lightyear kit includes: 10 markers, 10 colored pencils, 2 pencils, ballpoint pen, eraser, sharpener, ruler, scissors, glue stick, and notepad (30 sheets).


Chewbacca Backpack
: We know it’s still summer, so you probably won’t get to wear the cool hood much until later in the year, but how unique is this backpack?


Olaf Water Bottle
: Let this adorable bottle help cool you off!


: Take your eyes off my lunch! This Monsters lunchbox will be sure to scare lunch thieves away!



Do you have any favorites to share with us? Stop by our Facebook page to let us know what your favorite Disney back-to-school item is! Happy learning, everyone!