Is Disney’s Memory Maker Worth it?

July 29, 2016

Disney Mickey - Is Disney's Memory Maker Worth it?

Visiting Disney World is a dream come true. But nobody wants to see the magic end! That is why Disney offers PhotoPass to allow guests to capture every single special moment they experience in the parks. Being able to forever treasure these moments is absolutely precious, so Disney has photographers ready to take your picture near any major background like the Cinderella Castle or at any character meeting, as well.

The PhotoPass is free and can be linked to your magic band if you have one. You are able to save all pictures taken in the park in the same PhotoPass card that a photographer can give you and you can later review the photos online and choose which ones you would like to purchase.

But in this blog we want to focus on the package we think it’s the most worthy one for families. And that is the Memory Maker. The Memory Maker includes:

  • Unlimited digital downloads of all your Disney PhotoPass photos and videos
  • Select Attraction photos and videos
  • Select Character dining photos
  • Discounts on prints of your photos
  • Magic Shots – featuring Disney Characters and more, added to your photos
  • Digital borders and stickers to personalize your photos

This package costs $149 when you buy it at the Disney website in advance. You won’t get any prints, but you will get ALL digital prints you saved to your PhotoPass. That is an incredible value! Especially if you are visiting the park with a lot of family and friends so you can split the $149 among the members of your party. The more people in your party, the cheapest it will be per person. Buying individual pictures can get pretty expensive, so this is definitely an alternative if you want to ensure you’ll get great quality photos of the whole family.

If you are no planning on buying any pictures at all, then don’t worry as the photographers will gladly take a picture with your camera or phone, as well. But the Memory Maker includes pictures from select attractions and even magic shots where they can put Thinker Bell flying right over your hands and add all kinds of digital fun to your picture.

So if you are coming to stay with us at the Hawthorn Lake Buena Vista and plan on visiting one of the Disney theme parks, be sure to check out the Memory Maker PhotoPass to see if it’s something your party would like to consider.

We hope to see you very soon!