Makeup that is theme park resistant

 August 8, 2017

Brush for Makeup

You know the drill: Visiting a Florida theme park involves walking for countless hours, withstanding heat and humidity, going on water rides and breaking into a nervous sweat before riding your favorite coaster! To ensure you look good all day and have a picture-perfect vacation, you must know how to dress for the part and apply makeup accordingly. You should also wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers. But what kind of makeup should you wear to look your best all day? Here is what we suggest:


Foundation: Wear a light-formula foundation with SPF, or just a tinted moisturizer with a higher SPF factor. It is very unlikely that your foundation will last all day even if you wear your most long-lasting one. Trust us when we say that the foundation that lasts 8 hours in a drier climate will wear out much quicker when exposed to the brutal humidity of Florida. So, to avoid having to reapply and take a bunch of touch-up products with you, go light on the foundation.


Concealer: If you have problem areas to cover up, try applying concealer only on the problem spots after you have applied your tinted moisturizer. That will ensure you’ll have the desired coverage without having to layer many products.


Powder: You can go a bit heavier on powder if you need more coverage.  You can even use a powder foundation and take the compact with you to touch up during the day if you like.  If you don’t need much more after you applied concealer, then just go with a sheer layer of a translucent powder to help achieve a shine-free look and set the products in place.


Shadow: We suggest a very subtle eye look if you are going to apply eye shadow. The days at the park are very long and it’s likely you’ll sweat, rub your eyes and end up looking like a mess if you go heavy on the eyes. Simply apply a matte shadow a couple of shades darker than your skin on the crease, use some highlighter in the inner corners of the eye and you should be good to go!


Mascara: Make sure to use waterproof mascara. We’ve mentioned the elements you’ll endure during a day at the park already, so please listen to us on this one. If you are not a fan of waterproof mascara, wear a clear mascara to perk up the lashes without running the risk of having black smudge all over your under-eye area after your first water ride.


Lipstick: Apply a durable lipstick such as a liquid lipstick or lip stain. Those tend to be a bit drying, which is perfect for hot weather, as they won’t smear. If you prefer a more natural look, apply a tinted lip balm and call it a day! It’ll be comfortable and easy to maintain!


We hope you enjoyed our tips and hope to see you very soon at the Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista in Orlando. If you followed these tips or have anything to add to this post, make sure to visit our page on Facebook and leave us a comment! That also goes for if you have any questions about our hotel or would like any information before making the trip to Orlando.