New Attractions Coming Soon to Seaworld

June 3, 2016

We have recently attended a SeaWorld event to get all the details of the new attractions that are soon coming to the SeaWorld park in Orlando. Here’s what we found our for you:

Mako - New Attractions Coming Soon to Seaworld

New roller coaster: Mako will be the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in Orlando. Now, those are insane claims given Orlando already has several amazing roller coasters in town. Mako will be nearly one mile long, reach up to 73 mph and have drops of 200ft waiting to take your breath away.

Seworld mako


Rehab area: SeaWorld is a leader in animal rescue and rehabilitation. Their legacy of animal rescue spans 50 years and has benefited more than 28,000 animals. Now you will be able to see this amazing effort for yourself by visiting their Manatee rehab area that is now open the public. You’ll be able to witness the vital rescue work SeaWorld does for wildlife. Behind-the-scenes of the theme park is SeaWorld’s bustling, 5-acre Rescue Center used for rehabilitating wildlife that has been ill, injured or orphaned – including manatees, sea turtles, birds and other marine animals. A guided tour of the entire facility has been available for years, but  guests are now able to visit a portion of this area at their own leisure.



New ticket prices: SeaWorld and its sister parks that include Aquatica, Adventure Island and Bush Gardens now have a few different price options where the price per day gets cheaper the more days you buy. And you can mix and match the parks, so it’s a really great deal. Florida residents enjoy even greater discounts with an annual pass that includes free parking, no blockout dates and an exclusive pass member lounge.