Packing for Fall in Florida

October 29, 2015

Fall is here and we would like to help guide our guests on what kind of clothing they should bring to Orlando during this time of year. In many parts of the country it’s already cold and has even snowed, so people are always conflicted not knowing exactly what clothes to bring to Florida to spend a day at the theme parks. The best advice we can give you is to bring on the layers! Florida weather can be very unpredictable and you don’t want to be stuck wearing a long sleeve if the sun decided to shine, but things can also get chilly, so wearing shorts and flip flops may not be for everyone. Here are a few “joker” items that we believe should be great for whatever the weather has in store for you.
Tanks: Bring short sleeve shirts and tanks, because the weather is still mostly warm.



Boots: During most days the weather will still be warm, but not scalding hot. So it’s fine to wear boots, but make sure to bring boots that are comfortable (read no heels) and that are short in length. If the day turns out to be warmer you can pair it with shorts or a dress, and if it’s a bit cooler, wear it over skinny jeans. Tennis shoes would be the second best option.
Shorts. You will still make plenty of use of your shorts during fall in Orlando. Bring at least a couple options.
Jeans: bring jeans or your choice of pans because nights can get chilly.
Scarf: A light scarf is easy to carry and a perfect solution to warm you up on the go. Keeping your neck warm can really do wonders to quickly warm you up.



Cardigan: Bring a couple of these in your luggage because they are super versatile. Even if the day starts super warm, it can get cold at night. And a day in the theme park it’s usually longer, so if you plan on staying until after the sun goes down, then bring a sweater in your purse or tie it around your waist to make sure you don’t get cold later in the day.



Sandals/flip flops: There’s always a place for flip flops in Florida. You might not want to wear them for a whole day at the park, but if you are going for a morning or afternoon only activity, they will still be perfectly fine! I know, we love Florida



There is no need to bring:

Rain/snow jacket- It doesn’t get that cold for most people.

Knee-high boots- you’ll probably get too hot walking around in them.

Knit scarves- they’re too heavy

Gloves/heavy socks- probably won’t need them

Beanies- it’s usually sunny out, so you will get too warm.