How to have the perfect summer vacation in Orlando

August 4, 2017

Summer is the golden child of all seasons when it comes to travel! Everyone wants a piece of the sunshine and, here in Orlando, we can guarantee you will get more than a little piece of it. The sun can very strong in Orlando with temperatures averaging 92°F during summer. For that reason, we have a few tips to help you enjoy the summer season here in Florida in a fun and safe way:

Sunscreen: Many people will remember to apply sunscreen before leaving their hotel room at Hawthorn Suites to go to the theme parks. However, most people will forget to take the sunscreen with them to ensure they’ll reapply throughout the day. You must remember that you will go on water rides and you’ll sweat, so you will need to apply another coat of sunscreen later on to be on the safe side. You do not want to come back home burned after your first day in the park. We guarantee that’ll not make for a pleasant vacation.

Sunscreen - perfect summer vacation in Orlando


Water rides: The Disney parks are not built to provide much shade at all throughout the parks. That means that you’ll have to find other ways to cool off. When planning your day at the park, make sure to download the Disney app on your phone so you can check out what the wait time is for the water rides. If you have bought your tickets in advance and can set up your Fastpass+ for the water rides, DO IT! Because if you wait to get in line at the parks, the lines will be very long!

Hydrate: People often wonder if you can take your own water bottle to Disney, and you can! Keep hydrated by refilling your own bottle at the water fountain or asking for a free cup of water at any restaurant in the park. That’ll save you a good $4 on each bottle you would have had to buy inside the parks.

How to have the perfect summer vacation in Orlando

Relax: After a long day in the parks, make sure to visit our wonderful pool area at the Hawthorn Suites and relax in our outdoor pool or Jacuzzi. Grab a few ice-cold drinks and take time to rest and recharge!

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