Plan what to do when you check in. You won’t have time to plan during a fire


First, find two exits nearest your room. Fire exit stairwells are located on all floors. Then count doors between your room and exits so you’ll have a reference point if it’s smoky.

When you hear an alarm, act, don’t investigate.

If fire is in your room, get out and close the door. Once out, report the fire.

If fire is NOT in your room, leave if you can. First feel your door. If it’s cool, open it slowly and go to the nearest exit. Crawl in smoke. Fresh air will be at the floor. Take your key so you can go back if you can’t use your exits.

If your room door is hot, don’t open it. Your room may be the safest place to be. Seal all cracks with wet towels. Shut off fans and air conditioners. Signal at your window. Call the hotel operator and wait to be rescued.




Safe-Deposit Boxes

  • Do not leave money or valuables in your room. We provide in-room safes complimentary for your use.  Under state law, the hotel is not responsible for any loss during your stay.

Double Locks and Privacy Latches

  • For additional security, utilize the deadbolt lock provided on your door upon entering. This will prevent the door from being opened by a regular room key. As an additional precaution, please secure the safety latch lock.


  • Do not admit persons to your room without first making identification. A one-way security view lens is provided in your door for your convenience. If there is any doubt about the person’s true identity, please contact the Front Desk.


  • Do safeguard your key. Be sure to leave it with the Front Desk upon departure. Do not leave it in your room or in the door. Do not give your key to others. All keys must be returned at check-out.


  • Please familiarize yourself with the location of the nearest stairway or fire exit. In the unlikely event of a fire, please move quickly but calmly to the stairs and exit on the ground floor. Report fire or smoke to the hotel operator immediately.



We hope that these procedures will contribute to your comfort and
well-being during your stay with us at Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista!