Connect to Disney Before Your Vacation

September 4, 2015

Connect to Disney Before Your Vacation

Now that school is back in session you may have to wait until the next holiday to be able to visit your favorite mouse! Well, if you’re a die-hard fan like we are, you have probably realized that Labor Day is right around the corner and we would urge you to not miss the opportunity to book the lowest rates of the season as Orlando has lots to offer during fall. Check out this blog post for tips on how to spend Labor Day in Orlando. But if you need a little bit of Disney fun to get you through school or work while you plan your next vacation to Hawthorn LBV, here are a few ways to remain connected to the happiest place on earth:

Movies: Have a Disney movie marathon. Sure you know many of the Disney Classics, but you might be surprised to find out how many Disney movies you have actually never seen.

Wear it: There are plenty of fashionable and unique Disney clothing, shoes and accessories to choose from. Pick a favorite character, movie or theme and wear your Disney pride.

Stationary: check out this blog post for our favorite school items of the season.
Stay connected: Follow the mouse on social media! @WaltDisneyWorld on Twitter has 1.7 million followers and sends out frequent tweets to keep you connected to your happy place.

Dress up: Halloween is almost here. Have a Disney themed costume party and take tons of fun pictures with your friends.

Scrapbook: If you have been to Disney before, make a scrapbook about your experience! Collect photos, stickers, quotes, colored pens and stamps that to make a rockin’ memory book. If you have never been and is anxiously awaiting your first trip, then you have even more time left to collect fun papers, try out different colors, search for the perfect book and even decide which Disney spots you must visit for  picture opportunity.

Pin it: Start a Pinterest board of things you would like to see, purchase and photograph on your trip. Getting inspiration for DIY on clothing, learning about a must-have exclusive theme park dessert or scouting the best seasonal events for the time of your trip will keep you busy and well prepared for your trip. Here is our “All Things Magical” Pinterest board to get you started!

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